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Whether your pottering in the garden, going camping for the Summer or having a Summer BBQ.. we have it all!
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Gardening & Outside

Hose pipes and fittings available, discounts on plant pots for a limited time…

Paving Slabs

We stock different size and style paving slabs, including grey and charcoal. We also stock differnt shapes, rectangular or square and all with different effects. We can also order in specific slabs. So if you are re-paving a path or re-laying your drive - come down and we can sort you out!

Timber & Sheet Materials

We have a large woodstore and various lengths of timber and sheet materials. So if your making the kids a go kart or making a bench for your greenhouse- we can supply!


We have the seeds, compost and pots avaiable for you to grow at home, or we have selected plants available to buy to start your garden off.

Fertilisers & Plant Food

We have different fertilizers and plant foods available, for example weed killers and slug pellets to make sure your harvest is super good! we also have growth enhancing plant foods to make sure your flowers and salads are as ready for summer as you are!

Bottled Gas

We sell bottled gas carrying all sizes of Flogas.

Camping Equipment

We have a range of camping accessories. We have things like small gas bottles, portable cooker hobs, pots and pans, and eating and cooking utensils.

Protective Gear

We have hi-vis jackets, trousers and vests, hard hats, steel toe capped shoes and work boots. We can get also get overalls in different colours. We also have dusk masks and goggles. We also stock gloves for metal work and gardening, and we have health and saftey stickers and notices for commercial usage.

Shoes & Wellington Boots

We have wellington boots for children and adults in a range of heights, colours and styles. We have short gardening shoes, and we also stock both walking and work boots too!

Soils & Composts

We have various bags of composts and soils, and even have composts that enhance plant growth!


We have small portable BBQs but we don't stock bigger barbeques, however we can order them in. We stock coal and fire lighters. We also sell firewood and matches.

Bird Seed & Bird Feeders

We have wild bird feed available in 500g and 1kg bags. We stock small bird houses, bird feeders and tables.

Hose Pipes

We have a wide range of hose pipes and accessories, we also stock lengths of hose, connectors, taps connectors and different spray handles. We also have hose reels, wall connectors and storage devices.

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From Wellington boots to garden plants , pots and pans to planters. Ceramic garden pots to camping lights & stoves. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

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